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Taslima marriage media , is an international matrimonial web Portal. It is provide its members a secured and private environment to find their ultimate life partners by providing them a trusted source of genuine people trying to find their Life partner . The platform Taslima Marriage Media allows members to search, communicate, interact and finally find the right person for them or their loved ones.

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Our Venues

We offer friendly service combined with sophisticated show and meeting facilities that will make your search for true match with enjoyable environment created by the company. Taslilma Marriage Media offers friendly, personalized service combined with the latest Information. We also understand the motivations and aspirations of people from diverse backgrounds seeking to find their perfect match and feel that our own experiences can be of valuable assistance.

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Taslima Akter

Founder & CEO

Since the year 2012, through the tireless efforts, this company has come to this position. We want to move forward in your love. Me and my family will always be with you. Inshallah.

Saidur Rahman Shahid

Managing Director

To create this company, his contribution is so much valuable. His participation is so much commendable. He gives his talent and hard work for fulfilling his duty. He is one of the important person and a active partner in this company.

Nilofa Yeasmin Nila

Events Manager

She is an active worker. Through her activities, this company has become alive. Not only that, she emphasize on the needs of all the members, and give equal opportunities to everyone. She plays an important role in this company. And through her, every client get benefited by both online and offline service.

Hafijul Islam Zahid

Computer Operator

He is looking for new and innovation by using all his knowledge. He tries to provide services to everyone through online. Because of his creative intuition, you are getting continuously uninterrupted service at home.