Who We Are

Taslilma Marriage Media is running its business at the same place since its born. Easy finding match is its main attraction and every successful couple is its main asset. Besides its business Taslilma Marriage Media is serving the society and found various kinds of awards as its good successful works.

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Taslima Consultancy

Taslima Marriage Media helps in all aspects of marriage. Free and work for physical and mental stereoscopes. So please contact us for any need.

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Taslima Akter

Founder & CEO

Since the year 2012, through the tireless efforts, this company has come to this position. We want to move forward in your love. Me and my family will always be with you. Inshallah.

Saidur Rahman Shahid

Managing Director

To create this company, his contribution is so much valuable. His participation is so much commendable. He gives his talent and hard work for fulfilling his duty. He is one of the important person and a active partner in this company.

Nilofa Yeasmin Nila

Marketing Manager

She is an active worker. Through her activities, this company has become alive. Not only that, she emphasize on the needs of all the members, and give equal opportunities to everyone. She plays an important role in this company. And through her, every client get benefited by both online and offline service.

Nayem Mahmud

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi There, I’m Professional Online SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. If You Need any Information Contact With Me..! www.nayemmahmud.com