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Taslima Marriage Media is the largest online UK matrimonial site and the most reliable online matchmaking and marriage counseling service provider. For the past 10 years, we have been helping over 5,000 people of all ages and backgrounds to establish their relationships.

We believe better relationships bring better lives, more stable families, and a stronger society. The marriage bureau specializes in helping couples build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, and support relationships during difficult times. We have an online matrimony portal for those living in the United Kingdom, featuring thousands of original United Kingdom matrimonial profiles. We are one of the most successful United Kingdom Online Marriage Site, trusted by millions.

The marriage bureau has the blessing of Allah to introduce hundreds of Muslims to their life partner successfully. We are still providing our services to all Muslims in the UK and offer online matchmaking services.

The online matrimony agency accepts all Muslims regardless of background for marriage only. The marriage bureau does not provide a dating or chat service and works with parents to find your perfect match.

Marriages In Islam

Marriage may be a social institution as old because of humanity itself. It may be defined as a relation between a person and a lady that’s recognized by custom or law and involves certain rights and duties, both within the case of the parties entering the union and the children born of it. Marriage has thus two main functions: it is the means adopted by human society to regulate relations between the sexes. It furnishes the mechanism using which the relations of a child to the community are determined.

আদর্শ জীবনসঙ্গী খুঁজতে

Islam doesn’t regard it as a union only to gratify sexual loss, but an agreement with wide and varied responsibilities and duties. The reason behind it’s that, consistent with the Divine Faith, and a lady isn’t a plaything within the hand of man but a spiritual and moral being who is entrusted to him on the sacred pledge to which Allah has formed a witness. The wife is, therefore, not meant. To provide sensuous pleasure only to the male, but to completely co-operate with him in making the lifetime of the family and ultimately of the entire humanity significantly meaningful.

Then the Holy Quran also makes it clear that this union is not a short-lived relationship between two individuals of opposite sexes: It is a permanent and enduring relationship within the sense that both the parties should put in their earnest endeavors to steer their lives in perfect harmony and acquitting themselves creditably of the responsibilities saddled upon them by entering into this sacred contract.

Essentials of Muslim Marriage

According to the Islamic religion, there should be a proposal made by or on behalf of 1 of the parties to the wedding and an acceptance of the proposal by or on behalf of the opposite party. A Muslim marriage requires a proposal ‘Ijab’ from one party and acceptance of ‘Qubul’ from the other side. This must be done in one sitting.

The proposal and acceptance must both be expressed at once meeting. The acceptance must be corresponding to what is being offered. The marriage must be effectively immediate. Also, the parties must be competent. The two parties must be legally competent, i.e., they must be sane and adult.

There must be two male or one male & two female witnesses, who must be sane and adult present & hearing during the marriage proposal and acceptance. Additionally, no religious ceremony is needed.

What Makes Taslima Marriage Media Different?

Finding a suitable marriage match is very tough. This is especially true for good practicing Muslims who are encouraged to lower their gaze and minimize their interactions with the opposite gender. According to our culture, the most recommended approach is to seek help from one’s parents, relatives, and friends; but oftentimes, they bring the same kind of prospects over and over that you are NOT interested in! And you actually don’t need to start this beautiful process of seeking marriage by using any means that would be displeasing to Allah.

Taslima Marriage Media, the online UK matrimonial site, enters Muslim matrimony to win Allah’s favor and be complete by finding the perfect Muslim bride and groom who shares our Islamic values and proves to be a pillar of support, strength, love, and respect. At the UK matrimonial site, we pay special focus to Muslim matrimonial in the United Kingdom.

If you want to enter into marriage with such a person, then the marriage bureau is the perfect place to be! Offering valuable Muslim online matrimony services, the online matchmaking agency helps you find the ideal life partner by browsing and choosing among thousands of authentic profiles of potential Muslim brides and grooms right here.

The primary objective of the online matrimony agency is to make the most satisfying experience of finding the right soul mate as enjoyable as happy the journey with them. We provide a delightful online matchmaking experience by offering quality online matrimonial service.

We Are The Most Reliable Online UK Matrimonial Site

We always have detailed information about any girl or boy, including their family members. The online matrimony company highly focus on background checking and mostly connect on a common platform to keep things simple and straightforward. Knowing everything about the family gives more confidence to maneuver toward subsequent steps.

The online UK matrimonial site believes in trust, which makes the bond strong and lives longer. Undoubtedly, we are the most successful marriage bureau in the United Kingdom and the best marriage site for Muslims living in the UK and worldwide. The online matchmaking company has been ranked as the most reliable online UK matrimonial portal. It updates thousands of bride and bridegroom lists from where the match can be chosen.

The online matrimony agency is squared only under the government matrimonial laws. The online UK matrimonial is the most trusted and believable site, bringing several singles an opportunity to choose their suitable spouse.

The most important point of the online UK matrimonial is it’s not a dating site; it’s totally an online matchmaking locus without bothering privacy. The online UK matrimonial site is different from other marriage sites because of some incomparable benefits that every parent will find highly useful. All online matchmaking profiles are manually screened, and a valid contact number is required for creating a profile.

On the other hand, we provide online matchmaking services with detailed family and background information to assist you’re taking subsequent steps confidently and straightforward to find a life partner from your own community.

The marriage bureau has proven to be a real alternative to traditional arranged Muslim marriages and a trendy route for the online UK matrimonial for Muslims worldwide.

Why Contact The Top Reliable Online UK Matrimonial Site

On our online matrimony portal, we guarantee zero fake profiles, zero scammers, and zero online predators. We only approve genuine, high-quality members and strictly monitor all activity to detect and eliminate suspicious members. Our website contains a modern design with a rich functionality suite to simplify the search for a good compatible match. We have
dedicated staff that’s truly passionate about helping Muslims to get married for the sake of Allah. Our goal is not about making money, but to serve the Muslim Ummah and to please the Almighty Allah.

Here at the top online UK matrimonial site, we use the latest technology to provide our 20 thousand customers with a safe online, interactive environment. The members can take advantage of our exclusive online service and search an in-depth, current, and growing international database with complete privacy assurance.

Our marriage bureau is run by Muslims, for Muslims and offers unrivaled opportunities for single Muslims to satisfy potential marriage partners online. Our rapidly expanding, international database means the probabilities of finding the proper partner are second-to-none.

The online UK matrimonial has a secured server; therefore, the personal details provided by the members are protected. The transactions you are doing over the location using credit cards and details regarding were ensconced that it never be a problem and therefore the users are going to be notified by our team whenever there is an update or change.

The marriage bureau provides a security balance where any mismatching or inaccurate details may cause deleting their accounts by our team to protect the other users from spamming. It’s a platform where the bride and the groom can understand each other and their family, which next moves to the best relationship.

How Should You Start With The Online UK Matrimonial?

If you have already become a member, we thank you for placing your trust in our service. If you are still considering joining, we encourage you to give our service a try. Your life partner is not obviously going to fall from the sky magically. You have to place a touch effort into it.

The first step on the online UK matrimonial is to create a profile with accurate details. Make sure that the ‘About’ section on your online matrimony profile is descriptive and well written to attract readers’ attention. Make sure it’s not typical, copy-pasting from other profiles, or boring. Present a comprehensive image of what you are all about, and highlight 3-5 of your good characteristics. Profiles with pictures will always get far more attention!

After signing up, the online UK matrimonial will automatically suggest matches for you supported by the small print you provided in your profile. So make sure that your profile details are accurate! Besides the match suggestions, you’ll also perform various searches for prospective matches.

Feel free to mention 1 or 2 of your weaknesses you are trying to improve upon. It shows humility, and it also helps to present a real image of oneself, rather than painting a fake, unrealistic picture. List 2 or 3 things that you simply would definitely like during a prospective spouse.

Feel free also to list a few nice-to-have things, but notan absolute must. When you eventually communicate with prospective matches, be very honest about the qualities/traits that you simply would really like to avoid.

Ways To Approach With The Perspective Match

When you come across an interesting profile on the online UK matrimonial, Express Interest or Send a Message. Try to login to your profile frequently, and respond to interested members quickly. If you’re taking too long to reply, you’d appear not interested and that they will advance to other prospects.

Always be honest with the potential match you communicate with. Deceiving others with lies might get you far into a relationship, might even get you married. But a wedding supported by the inspiration of dishonesty will never prosper! Be respectful and polite as you communicate. Don’t come across as too aggressive, flirtatious, or too needy! Be humble, yet maintain self-respect and dignity.

Be realistic as you search for a spouse. Nobody is ideal, so don’t expect your spouse to be perfect in every way. As humans, we are sure to have strengths and a few weaknesses that we will improve upon. So prioritize what is absolutely important to you without asking too much.

If you’re previously married, then realize that your ex-spouse may also be a member of this website. In that case, please be extra mindful and respectful of them, and don’t contact them or speaks badly of them to others.

If you have been previously married and looking for re-marriage, we encourage you to reflect upon your past relationship and carefully analyze what mistakes you’ll have made, what you’ll have done better, and what improvements you will make next time. Discuss these topics with prospective matches to find proper compatibility.

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