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A Nikkah, in Islam, is a contract between a Husband and Wife and forms part of one of the stages in an Islamic marriage. The Nikkah will involve the Husband and Wife signing a contract, which will be witnessed by the Wife’s Father or another male family member and a male from the Husband’s family. By signing the agreement, the Wife will indicate her permission to the marriage. To complete the ceremony both the Husband and the Wife will verbally confirm they accept one another in marriage. Taslima Marriage Media is the most successful and reliable Islamic marriage media where Muslim brides and groom can search for their respective partners.

Allah says in the Quran about Muslim marriage,

“They are clothing for you, and you are clothing for them”.

Such an apt word of ‘clothing’ which implies that couples bonded in Muslim matrimony are to protect each other, beautify each other, hide each other’s faults, and be self-sufficient for each other.

The beauty of Muslim matrimonial is mentioned at extensive places in the Quran as the relationship of faith, trust, love, forgiveness, kindness and respect. That the Almighty created a partner for us from within our equal to give us all this is the proof of Allah’s blessings towards us as He, and only He ordains the ‘love’ and ‘mercy’ that enters our life as a result of Muslim marriage. Marriage in Islam lays down the foundation of togetherness and compassion between two souls, both of whom belong to Allah, and both of whom fulfil half their religion by entering into meaningful Muslim matchmaking. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) says,

“When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion. So let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”

Outstanding Service Delivery

If you belong to the Muslim religion, then the marriage bureau is the right place for you to know everything about Islamic marriage media and Muslim wedding. Our online matrimonial portal is developed for singles that are looking for their soul mate. Still, we also have Muslim matrimonial data for divorced and separated couples, who want to start a new life once again.

আদর্শ জীবনসঙ্গী খুঁজতে

Taslima Marriage Media is a pioneer in online matchmaking services. The online matrimonial is committed to providing 360-degree solutions to all prospective Muslim brides and grooms. We blend tradition with technology. By choosing the marriage bureau, you will be served with proper guidelines and assistance for your partner search from the desired target group. Your search for the perfect life partner ends here.

Our users come from every corner of the world, all united in their desire to meet someone like themselves. Thousands of people visit Taslima Marriage Media daily, and new connections are being made every minute. We want to provide the best possible experience for our members.

At the marriage bureau, we aim to present to you highly qualified and attractive Muslim singles, help you communicate with ease and to help bring you closer to your marriage and life partner. We are looking forward to being the leading online matchmaking website for Muslims worldwide.

Our membership base is made up of over 20 thousand prospective bride and grooms from the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and many other countries. We are promised to helping you find the perfect life partner to marry, no matter where in the world they may be.

Excellent Customer Relations

At Taslima Marriage Media, we believe our customers are our priority. We take pride in offering an excellent support system to our customers through progressive communication methods of the world.

Since 2010, thousands of happy Muslim men and women have met their life partners on Islamic marriage media and have shared their successful marriage stories with us. Check out the many success stories here.

It was clear to us that there was a need, especially in Bangladesh for a quality matrimonial service that was available to all Bangladeshis, regardless of their wealth or background. Our award-winning services are both the most advanced and best value for money in all over the world. Whether it’s creating a profile, chatting with prospective life partners or asking for advice in our relationship columns, you will find everything a breeze at this marriage bureau.

Our Islamic marriage media portal is well equipped with the latest and most progressive technology to make online matchmaking an enjoyable and interactive experience. Our user-friendly online matrimony site designs break down the traditional barriers faced by people when looking for love, whether it be next door or halfway across the world.

We believe in offering the best online matrimony services within our niche markets. At the marriage bureau, we provide highly advanced, online matrimonial services to our customers. Besides, our staffs are continually working on improvements and advancements with the ultimate goal of enhancing the customer experience.

Once you create your online matrimony profile by answering a questionnaire, you can then use our profile search tool to view the online matchmaking profiles of other people who are also seeking their life partner. Once you find a person of interest, you can then start chatting with them. It’s that simple.

Continued Growth

We envision a society where the Quran and Sunnah form the basis of our decision-making in marriages, be it for ourselves or our loved ones. Islamic marriage media encourages people to give up un-Islamic customs and traditions that have crept into the pious institution of marriage.

We believe our customers deserve the peace of mind. The Islamic marriage media undertakes every possible method necessary to ensure a secure environment within which members can look for a potential partner. We use an advanced fraud prevention system and routine member checks to provide the highest level of internet protection possible on an online matchmaking service. The online matrimony profiles on our portal are 100% private- processed and monitored only by the assigned staffs.

Providing a comprehensive database of profiles, we are immensely known for the perfect online matchmaking, handy navigation and commendable services.

To expand our growth further, our online matrimonial team of dedicated and proficient professionals has brought innovative technologies, improved user-friendly navigation and cooperative approach in our day to day functioning. We use some of the ultra-modern and commendable technologies to facilitate efficient as well as agile search. Furthermore, all the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the searches result in concrete and best-suited profiles only.

Not many other Islamic marriage media can offer you a membership database of over 20 thousands members with the promise of introducing you to single Muslim men and women across the world looking for an Islam marriage. Unlike other online matchmaking services, our site is purely for those seeking Muslim singles for an Islam marriage, in a manner that adheres to the Islamic rules on courtship.

Premarital Counseling Service

We strongly recommend premarital counselling to assist in ironing out potential issues before the marriage ceremony. Premarital counselling is the best approach for new couples to discuss fundamentals within their future relationship. Also, counselling in a safe, healthy and faith-based environment for married couples. In the Islamic marriage media, you can ask all of the questions, discuss and prepare yourself for one of life’s greatest blessings! Call our office at any time to arrange your appointment and stay tuned for upcoming marriage preparation workshops and seminars!

How Taslima Marriage Media Works?

Keeping Sharia in mind, the Islamic marriage media helps Islamic (single or divorced) people to join hands and fulfil one Sunnah. First of all, we ask our candidates to create an online matrimonial profile. A profile contains necessary information about themselves. After that, our team continue to review your online matrimonial profile and monitor incoming profiles to see if there is a potential match coming your way! We expect applicants to review our database as well periodically! If the expert team spot a potential partner, we contact both parties to see which method they prefer to proceed.

Completing an online matrimony profile helps to connect the members with other Muslims who are looking for a suitable match. Finding a person through our network of profiles is just the first step towards choosing a marriage partner.

We here at the Islamic marriage media, provide you easy and perfect matchmaking services at a very affordable price. Taslima marriage media is very economical yet classy. Our team of volunteers have requested that a minimal- one-time registration fee of $42 is made after the Matrimonial Profile to maintain the seriousness of applicants. We will process your profile, add it to our online database and keep an eye out for connection possibilities. The online matrimony is a secured platform where we put our best foot forward to satisfy our members and bring them a beaming smile with our services.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to say goodbye to boring biodata sheets, pushy aunties, and welcome online Islamic marriage media! You have full control over your profile and preferences. If you are seeking an Islamic minded life partner for yourself or some other person in the social circle, then the marriage bureau will serve your purpose in an optimum manner. With the help of our unmatched quality services, we have been able to establish ourselves among the foremost players in the field of Islamic marriage media. So feel free to search for prospective bride or bridegroom based on country, religion, caste, and occupation etc. We have been responsible for over 5,000 Muslim marriages worldwide. Could you be next?

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